Attempted suicide rate for WCA claimants has doubled

The rate of suicide attempts by people who undergo a Work Capacity Assessment has doubled in the last 10 years, since the Tory’s came to power.

The Independent

29 December 2017

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Letter to David Gauke

We would not usually quote a blog post in this way, but this letter contained in Gail Ward’s blog is so important it needs to be make public.

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Benefit assessors ‘must be held accountable’

The healthcare professionals who carry out disability benefit assessments on behalf of the government should be held accountable for failing to report what they are told accurately, MPs have been told.

23 November 2017

Commons Work & Pensions Select Committee

Read a report from John Pring of Disability News Service here


No more PIP Mandatory Reconsiderattion Targets

The Government have caved in over one part of the Work Capacity Assessment.

Written for The Canary by Steve Topple

17 December 2017

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Fitness to Work to be scrapped?

Report from John Pring of Disability News Service about the possibility of the Fitness to Work Test to be scrapped

21 December 2017 

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WCA Rise in Suicide Figures

Report from the Disability News Service on MPs failure to ask Sarah Newton, Minister for Disabled People about the rise in attempted suicide by WCA claimants. 

21 December 2017

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WCA and their effects on Mental Health

Article in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health about the impact of WCA’s on mental health, 16 November 2016.

‘First, do no harm’: are disability assessments associated with adverse trends in mental health? A longitudinal ecological study. 

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WCA’s and hospital Admissions

This is a true story of the impact of loosing benefits becase of “failing” a Work Capacity Assessment.

It was written by Steve Tomo a Project 125 member on 26th October 2017.


Today whilst reading at article on NHS readmissions rising made me think of a local young lady who on the has a brain problem which causes her such debilitating headaches that she has to be admitted to hospital frequently for her condition, a couple of weeks ago on the 29th of september this young lady like many in our society fell foul of the DWP’s WCA assessment ie she had her benefits with drawn and she was declared fit for work’ needless to say this was one pressure too many and the lady collapsed with violent headaches and was immediately rushed into hospital.

Three or four days later having had her treatment she was released from hospital, but the under lying trauma of her being plunged into abject poverty with absolutely nothing to live on had not been addressed’ now you really do have to wonder if that was the best course of action by the hospital or you may agree with some people that people being plunged into abject poverty by state is not the job of a doctor to resolve, but whichever school of thought you adopt it does not resolve the trauma that created this young woman’s collapse in the first place psychological torture by the state.

This young lady despite her health condition is a very intelligent young lady and is fully aware the system at present is a bloody mess and that she would never manage frequent job centre visits and the stresses of having to complete 35 hours a week of job search imposed by the state as a condition to receive job seekers allowance, partly because she is on morphine continually and can struggle to concentrate because if the dug and even if she did’ she could never manage to hold down a job as the slightest stress can cause these violent headaches that hospitalise her.

So being the bright intelligent young lady she is she contacted her local MP’s office and got an appointment on the 6th of October 2017’ now this is where it becomes a little murky as I am not sure whether she saw Mr Stephenson our Local Conservative MP or one of his minions’ But which ever the case maybe she got no help whatsoever and was simply sent away and told she would have to challenge the systems in the same way everybody else has to through an appeals process that can take up to a year if you are lucky.

Needless to say this young lady two days later was rushed back into hospital with violent headaches and remains in hospital to this day to best of my knowledge with the possible prospect of brain surgery, so from all of this it would appear that not only has she been psychologically terrorised by the state’ but they have actually worsened her condition or maybe you may think that the brain surgery was an inevitability given her condition.

But what ever we may think about this young ladies plight’ she is not alone in our society today as this is common in many peoples lives who happen to have the misfortune to fall ill or have an accident under the current regime we have in power at the moment, as they are literally using their inhumane systems of ESA WCA and UC to terrorise people in our society as many of you will know who follow things I publish that it is not uncommon for this psychological terrorism being waged against them to become all too much and they attempt suicide as in the case of the ladies story I shared a few days ago who had been switched from ESA to UC losing so much money she simply believed she couldn’t afford to live.

Now I know it isn’t just me within our party who thinks this is an utterly inhumane system and needs scrapping or at the very least modifying so it is unrecognisable as a policy introduced by this vile regime we have in power at the moment, and we have commend our party for getting two debates on the UC issue within a few days’ but we got no binding motion to stop this inhumane behaviour and although the plight of sick and disabled people was mentioned was it enough, as the disabled lobby in this country if it could ever be gotten to speak with one voice is 13,5 million people a massive truly massive lobby and potential vote for our party.

Now for me this is exactly why I am a member of the wholly labour party campaign group called project 125, which call for better representation within our party for disabled people at all levels of our party from branches to councils to the house of commons itself’ because through this better representation disabled people will have a voice and a real stake in our party and should we get that at all levels of our party we may then just be able to unite this truly massive voice of 13.5 million people in one common cause behind the rallying cry of our party for the many not the few.