Tory Vice Chairman suggests jobless should have vasectomies

Theresa May’s new appointment as Tory Party Vice Chairman Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield, has written a blog post suggesting jobless men should undergo vasectomies.

16 January 2018

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Jeremy Hunt and ‘that’ spreadsheet

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister deserves to be on the Wall of Shame for many reasons. This time it’s for a spreadsheet he tweeted without realising it show how dangerous the staffing levels were at Ipswich.

19 January 2018

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Toby Young

At the time of writing Toby Young had been announced as the new Tory University Tsar, but his previous behaviour, tweets and newspaper articles show why is most unsuitable for this post.

January 2018

Evolve Politics article

Daily Mirror article


Philip Hammond; disabled workers are suppressing productivity

Philip Hammond has been criticised for suggesting disabled workers are suppressing productivity rates.

The Chancellor said “increasing participation” in the workforce, “for example of disabled people”, may have “had an impact on overall productivity measures”.

“Real disability” not anxiety

George Freeman, head of Tory policy on why anxiety isn’t a “real disability”.

26 February 2017

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Chancellor discriminating against disabled people

Caroline Lucas MP, take Chancellor Philip Hammond  to task about his discriminatory remarks about disabled people.

13 December 2017

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Interviews with DWP Minister Rationed

The DWP will only allow it’s ministers to talk to journalists twice a year, reports John Pring of Disability News Service.

14 December 2017

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Leaked letters show Conservative MPs have sent scripted answers to constituents about welfare reforms

Article in The Canary by Steve Topple

30 October 2017

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