Proof that UC fails

The Government’s own reasearch project to assess the Working Well pilot programme in Greater Manchester, shows that using UC to sustain employment does not work.

January 2018 from the DWP

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Councils funding extra help for Universal Credit claimants

Councils are funding emergency funding help for universal credit claiments

The Guardian

29 December 2018

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Universal Credit – penalising Councils who help

Universal Credit s not only a disaster for disabled people,  Councils who try to help will be penalised too.

30 December 2017

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Universal Credit Doccumentation

The Full Roll-Out Documents for Universal Credit.

Thanks to Gail Ward of DPAC

22 November 2017

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Paula Peters Interview on Universal Credit

A video interview with Paula Peters who talks about the impact of Universal Credit

20 November 2017

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Stop & Scrap Universal Credit

Paula Peters of DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) writes to Unite Community about their Stop & Fix Universal Credit campaign

20 November 2017

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Fix Universal Credit

Debbie Abrahams, Labour Shaddow Work & Pensions Secretary writes about how to fix Universal Credit.

19 November 2017

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Advice for those claiming in-work benefits

An excellent report from disability campaigner Gail Ward on the hidden dangers of Universal Credit.

14 July 2017

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Universal credit is a social policy disaster

An article in The Guardian on  25 September 2017 by Priya Thethi; Research compiled from social landlords show more people being pushed into poverty.

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