DEAL needs your support!

Disability Equality ACT Labour, the unfunded group working to encourage the Labour Party to comply with the disability elements of the Equality Act 2010, is in the final stages of finalising their legal handbook for branches, CLPs, regions, NEC committees and the NEC. They need fundraising help to get it printed and posted out.

DEAL legal handbook cover image.They will be emailing a copy to every CLP and have been working hard to compile an email contacts list to achieve this. But a printed copy in the hands of branch and CLP chairs would have much greater impact.

Can you help by sharing their fundraising campaign with your branch, CLP and trade union?

The link to their crowdfunding campaign is:

Disability Equality ACT Labour consults on legal handbook

DEAL legal handbook cover image.Disability Equality ACT Labour (DEAL) is consulting on the final draft of their legal handbook for Labour Party branches, CLPs, regions and national structures.

Deadline for your comments is 9 February 2018. Comments can be made on their Facebook page.


Food on Prescription

General Practitioners will soon be able to give patients who are at risk vouchers for fruit and vegetables.

The Independent

24 December 2017

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Prescription Charges and Universal Credit

Benefits claimants could be fined up to £100 when trying to get their free prescriptions – because of a clerical error.

This is not just a Liverpool story, but is also happening elsewhere

15 November 2017

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Our Candidates for the NEC

There is currently a Labour Party election for 3 new seats on the NEC, Labour’s ruling body.

Project 125 is proud to support the following candidates:

Nicola Morrison & Sarah Taylor

Please ask your CLPs to nominate them.

Click on the link below to view the flyer, then download it as a PDF for printing.


Why so few disabled candidates?

Image of The Word newspaper.Founder of Project 125, Jonathan Fletcher sets out why there are so few disabled candidates on page 18 of The Word, published in September 2017.